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Elven Armor is an elegant armor set made by the High Elves of Summerset Isle. The armor is light but durable, and is known for its unique style and maneuverability.


It begins to show up as loot at level 15, though small pieces such as shields and weapons have been known to turn up far before this. This armor can be applied to the Hero's horse if the proper add-on is installed.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ID
Elven Helmet 4 2.6 440 170 000229A1
Elven Cuirass 10 13 880 600 0002299C
Elven Gauntlets 4 2.6 440 170 0002299E
Elven Greaves 6 7.8 660 315 0002299D
Elven Boots 4 3.9 440 170 0002299F
Elven Shield 12 5.2 660 315 000229A0
Total (with shield) 40 35.1 3,520 1,740
Total (without shield) 28 29.9 2,860 1,425



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