Elynea's Ingredients is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Ask Elynea Mothren if she needs any help. She will reply that she needs a rare alchemy ingredient. See table below for a full list of possible requests:

Ingredient Dialogue before Dialogue after
Daedra Heart Well, I could use a daedra heart. Can't grow that in my garden. It's a bit dried up, but it will do. Here.
Giant's Toe Hmm. I'm running out of giant toes. I'll pay extra for one. A bit ripe, isn't it? Here. Take this.
Hagraven Claw As a matter of fact, I need a hagraven claw. I'll pay extra if you find one. Nasty bitches, aren't they? Here's your fee.
Vampire Dust How about some vampire dust? Bring me some of that and I'll pay handsomely. Not bad for an amateur? Take this.
Briar Heart You got a briarheart? That's what I really need. Neloth keeps taking all of mine. You could have cleaned it. It's still bloody.
Void Salts You find some void salts and you bring them to me. I'll beat anyone else's price. Hmm. Better than average quality. I'll take it.


GoldIcon based on character level.


Elynea's Ingredients – DLC2TTR8
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 101: Bring a daedra heart to Elynea
  • Objective 102: Bring a giant's toe to Elynea
  • Objective 103: Bring a hagraven's claw to Elynea
  • Objective 104: Bring some vampire dust to Elynea
  • Objective 105: Bring a briarheart to Elynea
  • Objective 106: Bring some void salts to Elynea
  • Quest complete