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The Elytra are large insects native to the Shivering Isles. They reside in Mania and Dementia. They are identical except for their difference in color, depending on which of the two sides of the Shivering Isles they live in.

As described in the book An Elytra's Life, their size is equivalent to that of a full-grown man.[1]


Elytra also possess a paralyzing venom, described as having a sour and acidic scent, which they inject into victims. Once the victim is dead, they lay their eggs within them to grow and hatch over a span of a few days.[1]

This venom acts slowly and not obviously detrimental at first, due to its low yield; however, untreated, it will kill the victim over a period of a few hours.[2]


There are several variants:




Thadon will talk about the Chalice of Reversal, a cup that turns Felldew into an intoxicant. He is not entirely clear on the details, but believes that one of his people, or Lady Syl, the Duchess of Dementia, has more information.




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