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For other uses, see Embrace of Shadows.

Embrace of Shadows is an exclusive power in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for stage four Vampires. It grants invisibility and improved night vision for 180 seconds.


This power can only be obtained by reaching stage 4 vampirism, unless added by using console commands.


It is commonly used to work around some restrictions gained when the Dragonborn reaches stage 4 vampirism and becomes hated by everyone (with some exceptions, such as followers, the Thieves Guild, if the Dragonborn is a member, and other vampires) because it makes it exceptionally easy to break into someone's house to drink their blood and revert to stage 1.

Anything that requires the use of the action key, including looting bodies and lockpicking, and successfully attacking someone will remove the Dragonborn's invisibility.


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  • When Embrace of Shadows expires, the night vision effect will remain. To disable it one is forced to use the power Vampire's Sight or, if a Khajiit, the Night Eye power.