Embry is a Nord drunkard found in the Sleeping Giant Inn and around town in Riverwood.

Personality and traitsEdit

Embry appears drunk most of the time and speaks with a rough voice. He has long, dark blonde hair, brown eyes, and a thick beard. His face has a rough complexion, being worn and covered in dirt. Embry is friendly when he has to be, though he is quite the coward, fleeing away whenever there is any sort of battle or commotion.


Being the village drunkard, Embry always manages to stay intoxicated. He often tries to find a drinking buddy among the locals, mostly because he can not afford to buy his beverages himself, and so depends on others at times.


Quest all Drunks HaveEdit

The Dragonborn may offer Embry any type of alcoholic beverage in order to gain his friendship.



Embry: "How's about a drink, Hod."
Hod: "You'll be wantin' me to pay for them?"
Embry: "It's only right seein' as your [sic] [Do not change this to you're. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] the important lumber man."
Hod: "You come do an honest day's work at my mill, and I'll pay you an honest day's wages. Then we'll drink."


Embry: "Gimme a mug of ale."
Orgnar: "Coming right up."


Embry: "Care to have a drink with me, sweet Sigrid?"
Sigrid: "Drunk again, Embry? Don't let Alvor hear you talking to me that way. He'll stick your head in his forge."
Embry: "So that's a no I take it?"


  • He holds one of the keys to the Sleeping Giant Inn. If the Dragonborn attacks anyone in the Sleeping Giant Inn Embry will run into the "basement room" despite only Delphine and the Dragonborn knowing about it. 
  • Embry may send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn if something in his possession is stolen from him.
  • If the Dragonborn is friendly to him and buys him ale, Embry will leave the Dragonborn a Letter of Inheritance in the event of his death, which will be received from a courier soon after he is dead.
  • Embry might rarely say "You know... you ain't so bad. Here. Take this..." and give the Dragonborn 5 GoldIcon if he had a very positive relationship with the Dragonborn.


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