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"The emerald is a transparent green gem with modest magical properties."
Anarenen, Tendris Vedran

Emeralds are a transparent green type of precious gem, and are a rare commodity especially in Morrowind. There is a total of 59 loose samples found throughout the game. They are scarce and hard to come by as there is no mining source—apart from eggmines—across the entirety of Vvardenfell. As a result, the only dungeons they can be found in are either as offerings within Daedric shrines, or deep within Dwemer ruins. However, several alchemists, apothecaries and merchants across Vvardenfell also sell—and resupply—emeralds in their wares. Despite emeralds realistically being a classed as a type of gemstone in later games,[1][2] they are treated as an alchemy ingredient in Morrowind, and as a result sustain certain magical properties.[3]


Emeralds may be found in the following locations:


Merchant Location
Cocistian Quaspus Buckmoth Legion Fort
Craetia Jullalian Vivec City Guild of Mages
Folvys Andalor Ald'ruhn Temple
Irna Maryon Tel Aruhn Tower Entry
Scelian Plebo Wolverine Hall


  • The Cursed Emerald is a variant of the regular Emerald. When collected, a hostile Dremora Lord will appear behind the Nerevarine. A cursed item is usually found in most Daedric shrines across Vvardenfell.



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