Emotes are actions done by players in The Elder Scrolls Online by typing in the respective text associated with it.

The following are the confirmed emotes that are found in Online:[1]

Emotes from The Elder Scrolls Online as of March 2, 2014.
/angry /dance /hello /pour


/annoyed /dancedrunk /honor /pray /stagger
/applaud /disapprove /horn /preen /stop
/apple /disgust /huh /push /stretch
/approve /dishonor /humble /pushup /surprised
/armscrossed /dismiss /impatient /pushups /surrender
/beckon /doom /jumpingjacks /rally /tap
/beg /downcast /kiss /read /taunt
/beggar /drink /kneel /ritual /thank
/bestowblessing /drink2 /kneelpray /rubhands /thanks
/bless /drum /knock /rude /thankyou
/blowkiss /drunk /knockeddown /saluteloop /threaten
/boo /dustoff /kowtow /saluteloop2 /thumbsdown
/bored /eat /laugh /saluteloop3 /thumbsup
/bow /exasperated /leanback /scared /tilt
/breathless /facepalm /leanside /scratch /touch
/brushoff /faint /leaveme /search /twiddle
/bucketsplash /fistpump /lol /shakefist /wagfinger
/celebrate /flirt /lute /shh /wand
/cheer /flute /me /shieldeyes /wand2
/clap /followme /no /shout /wave
/cold /give /nod /shovel /welcome
/come /goaway /overhere /shrug /whisper
/comehere /grats /payme /sick /whistle
/confused /greet /phew /sigh /write
/congrats /hail /playdead /sit /yawn
/congratulate /hammer /plead /sit2 /yes
/controlrod /hammerlow /point /sit3 /you
/cower /hammerwall /pointb /sit4
/crouch /handsonhips /pointd /sit5
/cry /handtoheart /pointl /sit6
/cuckoo /headache /pointr /sitchair
/curtsey /headscratch /pointu /situps
/ /heartbroken /poke /sleep

/honor and /dishonor were included as part of the ESO Emote Contest.[2]

Patch v1.1.2 released May 22, 2014 introduced and changed the following:

Added /torch and /kick

/eatbread is now /eat2 and /apple is now /eat3

Patch v1.1.3:

  • /attention
  • /dancebreton
  • /dancealtmer, /dancehighelf
  • /danceargonian
  • /dancebosmer, /dancewoodelf
  • /dancedunmer, /dancedarkelf
  • /danceimperial
  • /dancekhajiit
  • /dancenord
  • /danceorc
  • /danceredguard
  • /drink3
  • /eat4
  • /idle
  • /idle2
  • /idle3
  • /idle4
  • /idle5
  • /juggleflame
  • /leanbackcoin
  • /lookup
  • /rake
  • /sad
  • /spit
  • /stomp
  • /sweep

Playing musicEdit

The emotes /drum, /flute and /lute make the character play music with the corresponding instrument. Several songs are available ; the character plays them sequentially until the emote is stopped.



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