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The Emperor's Robe is the unique robe worn by the leader of the Cyrodiilic Empire.

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Skull of CorruptionEdit

The Emperor's robe cannot be normally obtained as Baurus orders the Hero to leave the Emperor's body alone. However, the robe is obtainable through these instructions.

  1. Do not deliver the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre, or begin the Dark Brotherhood quest "Scheduled for Execution," as both make the Emperor's body disappear.
  2. Become Arch-Mage and obtain the Staff of Worms. (The Risen Flesh spell from the Hill of Suicides in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles can be a substitute)
  3. Become character level five.
  4. Obtain the Skull of Corruption through the "Shrine of Vaermina" quest.
  5. Travel to the Imperial Prison Sewers.
  6. Resurrect the Emperor with the Staff of Worms.
  7. Zap him with the Skull of Corruption
  8. Kill the clone, then stop and save before it hits the ground and disappears.
  9. Reload and keep pressing the loot key, and the Emperor's corpse can be looted.


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