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For the title in The Elder Scrolls Online, see Emperor (Online).

This title of Emperor has applied to either the rulers of the Reman Dynasty (also known as the Second Empire), the Septim Dynasty (also known as the Third Empire),or the Mede Dynasty. The Emperor is the Head of State for the entire Empire. The Emperor resides in the Imperial Palace in the Imperial City.


Martin Septim

Martin Septim, the last Septim Emperor

Emperors ascend to the throne through bloodlines. The title is usually handed from father to son, upon the death of the former.[1] The title has been handed to dowagers of Emperors, most notably Katariah.[2] In the absence of an heir, the Empires successions were different, during the time of the Second Empire the Akaviri Potentate ruled in the Emperors stead[3].During the Third Empire the Elder Council elected a Potentate to rule in the Emperor's place until a suitable alternative can be crowned. [4]

The First Era

In the aftermath of the last battle of the Four Score War, both Reman III and his heir, Prince Juilek[5], were assassinated by the Morag Tong[6], on the orders of Potentate Versidue-Shaie, bringing an end to the Reman Dynasty and the Empire was ruled by the Akaviri Potentate.[6]

The Fourth Era

After the death of the last Septim, the Elder Council struggled to maintain peace in Cyrodiil, placing new Emperors on the throne -- none of which were well-taken by the people of the Empire. Eventually a Colovian warlord named Titus Mede conquered the Imperial City with just a thousand men and crowned himself Emperor. Thus began the Mede Dynasty.[7]

Previous Emperors

The following is a list of Emperors who have ruled The Empire of Tamriel and their respective reigns.

Ysgramor Dynasty

Alessian Dynasty

Reman Dynasty

Septim Dynasty

Mede Dynasty

The Amulet of Kings

Amulet of kings

The Amulet of Kings, the Crown Jewel of the Empire

The Amulet of Kings is the Crown Jewel of the Emperors of Tamriel.[33]

When Saint Alessia rallied the slaves against the Ayleids, Akatosh bestowed upon her the gem that would later be faceted into the Amulet of Kings.[33] The jewel later became crucial in the crowning of Cyrodilic Emperors.[34]

During the Septim Dynasty, newly crowned Emperors brought the amulet to the Temple of the One to light the Dragonfires and keep the barrier between Tamriel and Oblivion shut.[33] Martin Septim, an illegitimate heir, broke the tradition when he destroyed the amulet to invoke Akatosh and return Mehrunes Dagon to Oblivion, thus sealing the barrier between Oblivion and Tamriel forever.[29]

Other royalty


  • When Republican Rome (the Empire on which this Empire is based) turned into a de facto monarchy in the second half of the 1st century BC, at first there was no name for the title of the new type of monarch. Ancient Romans abhorred the name Rex ("king"), and it was critical to the political order to maintain the forms and pretenses of republican rule.



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