"The Longhouse Dynasty is eternal!"
―Leovic, upon being resurrected[src]

Emperor Leovic was the last of a Reachman dynasty called the Longhouse Emperors, who ruled the Empire of Cyrodiil during the Interregnum.[1] His corpse can be found in the Imperial Sewers, where it is being resurrected by Worm Cult necromancers.


After Leovic came back triumphant from his first campaign against border raiders, his father, then Emperor Moricar, said Leovic could name his reward. He requested Clivia Tharn's hand in marriage, and they were later wed.[2] Clivia Tharn was daughter of the Elder Council's High Chancellor and Imperial Battlemage Abnur Tharn, and Leovic married her partly to solidify his status as emperor.[1]

Leovic's rule began during or before 2E 566. During the summers, he would often go on vacation in Anvil Castle, due to the Gold Coast's pristine weather.[3] In 2E 573, he commissioned The Emperor's Guide to Tamriel, a comprehensive text describing the histories and cultures of each of Tamriel's provinces.[4]

In 2E 576,[5] Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol led a rebellion against Leovic after he outraged the populace by legalizing Daedra worship. The Emperor's reign was brought to an end in 2E 577 when Varen stormed the Imperial City and personally killed him in the Imperial Throne Room.[6][1][3] Leovic's corpse was thrown into the Imperial City Sewers,[7] where it remained for a few years. In 2E 582, the Worm Cult found his body, and resurrected him as an undead. He was defeated by the Vestige.[8]


In the Imperial City Sewers, the Vestige can find Leovic's corpse in the Lost Tombs section near the Temple District entrance. Three Worm Cult members can be found casting a spell on him, and he will rise as a zombie with 868,896 health. After being brought down to ~75% of his total health, he will transform into a Flesh Atronach. He will summon hordes of zombies until he is defeated, and can stun and/or reel in people who are attacking him.



Quote Condition
"The White-Gold Tower is mine!" Upon resurrection
"The Longhouse Dynasty is eternal!"
"Thralls of Varen will die!"
"The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!"
"To me, my subjects!" Summoning his zombies
"You are summoned, my subjects!"
"Supplicants, come and pay homage!" Reeling attackers towards himself
"By Imperial decree, I sentence you to death!"
"All subjects approach and pay respect!"



Emperor of Cyrodiil
Moricar 2E 5?? - 2E 577 Varen Aquilarios
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