Emperor Tarish-Zi was a ruthless self-proclaimed emperor and the leader of the Anka-Ra, one of the most feared warrior bands within the Ra Gada. He was the one who razed the abandoned Nedic city of Reinhold's Retreat to the ground after he failed to find the hidden treasure found within. He and the Anka-Ra eventually settled in the region of Craglorn where they died. Even in death, his men were bound to him by an oath of eternal loyalty.

This loyalty was exploited in the present when constellations fell from the skies above Craglorn and took on mortal forms known as the Celestials. Under The Celestial Serpent's control, The Warrior used divine powers to invoke great warriors of the past, and thus Tarish-Zi and the Anka-Ra were summoned forward in time. Unbeknownst to The Serpent, The Warrior also summoned Titus Valerius, a powerful Nedic warrior who would act as his champion against Tarish-Zi and his army.

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