Empress Tavia was the last Empress of the Reman Dynasty and consequently married to the last Emperor of the Reman Dynasty, Reman III. In 1E 2899, her husband suspected her of treason, and therefore sent her to be imprisoned and held in Castle Giovesse, located in Gideon, Black Marsh, for fear of revolution.[1]

It is thought that upon her death, Empress Tavia's skull was dipped in gold and encrusted with gems. This skull would later go on to be known as the "Giovessen Skull," and became a valuable artifact among collectors. For a time it was also rumored that the skull was simply a clever fake, and actually belonged to some long-dead Breton prisoner in Hammerfell's dungeons.[2]

This doubt, however, was dispelled in the Second Era by an Imperial Historian, who also theorized that the rumors were started by a previous owner of the skull in order to discourage thievery of the artifact.[2]

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