"The ones you are looking for are Emul-Ran and Kashtes Ilabael. They are outcasts, belonging to none of our tribes"
Urshamusa Rapli[src]

Emul-Ran is a Dunmer Ashlanders hunter found in the wilderness south of Ahemmusa Camp, in the waterlines of the Grazelands region.


Girith's Stolen HidesEdit

Athanden Girith asks the Nerevarine to retrieve the guar hides that Emul-Ran and his partner, Kashtes Ilabael, have stolen from him.



attack on a guar hide trader "You are suggesting we have done this thing? That is fine, %PCRace, for it is true. Kashtes and I have taken the hides, and in our possession they will remain. Prepare to meet your gods, for no one may take what is now ours."


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