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Enchanted Ring is an item card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Tamriel Collection set.


  • Enchanted Ring was only available for three days as a free offer from December 6, 2019 after the announcement that future content for Legends would be put on hold.[1]


Enchanted Ring provides +1 attack and +1 health to a creature. This can be used to reinforce friendly creatures against enemy attacks and make their own attacks more effective. Any increase in damage is superfluous other than to attack an opponent directly, however, if that creature has the lethal keyword, as a creature with lethal will instantly kill any other creature it attacks. Similarly, improvements in health will be useless against enemy creatures that have lethal themselves.

Enchanted Ring will also add any other Enchanted Ring cards in the summoner's discard pile, meaning that if the summoner has used one Enchanted Ring previously, another will provide +2/+2 instead, or +3/+3 if two have been used previously. A maximum of three of the same card can be in a deck at once. As such, the maximum gain from Enchanted Rings is +3/+3.

Furthermore, Enchanted Ring has the Mobilize keyword, allowing it to be played to an empty lane to also summon a 1/1 Recruit with the item equipped.



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