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Enchanter is a non-playable class comprised of people who practice the art of enchanting items with magical effects. The majority of Enchanters are professionals who offer their services to the fellow faction members or the public to earn a living. They typically sell a number of pre-enchanted items in addition to allowing the creation of custom enchantments.

Gold paid for enchanting fees is added to the gold supply the merchant has available for purchases. As with Spellcrafting, the player must choose the Range, Duration and Magnitude of the effect.

Enchanters usually buy anything that can be enchanted: weapons, clothing, jewelry, armor and paper. They buy books and soul gems. In an economy which offers fewer sources for soul gems than in later games, they are the most reliable.

List of Enchanters



The following people are members of the Enchanter class in Morrowind and expansion packs. Their enchanting skills are not available for hire.

Morrowind – Enchanter
Galos Mathendis Telvanni53 Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House
Ignatius Flaccus TR None85 Mournhold, Godsreach: Ignatius Flaccus' House
Llunela Hleran Telvanni 60  Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House: Hermitage
Olquar Imperial Cult57 Buckmoth Legion Fort
Tarhiel None6 Seyda Neen, along the road north of town
Tolmera Relenim Hlaalu47 Vivec: Telvanni Canton, Telvanni Tower
Trerayna Dalen Telvanni50 Tel Branora, wanders outdoors

Enchanter Service

The following people are members of the Enchanter Service class in Morrowind and expansion packs. They offer bartering services in addition to enchanting items for a fee.

Morrowind – Enchanter Service
Alenus Vendu Telvanni54101,300 Tel Vos, Services Tower
Audenian Valius Telvanni4816850 Vivec: Telvanni Canton, Telvanni Enchanter
Barusi Venim Telvanni50101,200 Tel Aruhn, Tower Living Quarters
Crulius Pontanian Imperial Cult54101,300 Moonmoth Legion Fort
Dabienne Mornardl Mages Guild4410800 Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mages Guild
Elbert Nermarc TR None78406,000 Mournhold, Godsreach: Craftsmen's Hall
Faras Thirano Tribunal Temple58101,400 Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn: Lower Level
Felayn Andral None52 20 1,000 Holamayan Monastery
Folms Mirel * Mages Guild56101,050 Caldera, Mages Guild
Galar Rothan Telvanni5010900 Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House: Entry
Galbedir Mages Guild4410900 Balmora, Mages Guild
Hlendrisa Seleth Telvanni59101,700 Tel Uvirith, Seleth's House
Ilen Faveran Tribunal Temple4810750 Balmora, Temple
Janand Maulinie Mages Guild4410650 Vivec: Foreign Quarter, Mages Guild
Llandris Thirandus Tribunal Temple5210900 Vivec: Temple Canton, High Fane
Llether Vari None 58 10 2,000  Ald'ruhn, Llether Vari: Enchanter
Maren Uvaren None5220750 Tel Aruhn, Maren Uvaren: Enchanter
Miraso Seran Tribunal Temple4410800 Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House: Entry
Miun-Gei None6271,500 Vivec: Foreign Quarter, Miun-Gei: Enchanter
Sauleius Cullian Imperial Cult4710750 Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels
Tanar Llervi Mages Guild4410800 Ald'ruhn, Mages Guild
Ureso Drath  Tribunal Temple 4410775 Ald'ruhn, Temple

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.

Two people offer enchanting services, but are not members of the class:




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