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Encumbrance is the term given to the amount of weight a character is carrying based on how many items they are carrying and how much each item weights. Characters who carrying enough items to exceed their total encumbrance will be unable to move, but may still perform any other action.

Increasing and decreasingEdit

The total weight any character can carry is determined by Strength x 5. For example, if a character has a strength of 50, the total weight they can carry will be 250. As such, if the Nerevarine dedicates more points per level to Strength, they will be able to carry more items. The maximum natural encumbrance of any character is 500, but can be made higher with enchantments, spells, and potions that further increase strength. A character may become over encumbered if a Damage Strength or Drain Strength spell is cast upon them, thereby temporarily lowering their Strength and, by extension, their encumbrance. Damage and Drain Strength spells and enchantments can therefore be used as a pseudo-paralytic, preventing a combatant from moving and making them vulnerable to ranged attacks without being able to retaliate unless they themselves used ranged attacks.

Effect on SpeedEdit

Encumbrance effects Speed. Characters will move slower according to the ratio of their current encumbrance to their total encumbrance, meaning characters carrying a smaller percentage of their total encumbrance will move faster than characters carrying a greater percentage, all other things being equal. As such, Feather spells will serve to also marginally increase a characters speed, as well as prevent being over encumbered.

Related effectsEdit

  • Feather - temporarily decreases the target's encumbrance, resulting in a slower loss of Fatigue and an increased capacity to carry items.
  • Burden - temporarily increases the target's encumbrance, resulting in a faster loss of fatigue and a decreased capacity to carry items.


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