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Engaer's Bounty is a Fighters Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  • Speak with Hrundi and he offers to split the bounty on a Telvanni mercenary named Engaer who is a guard in Sadrith Mora at the Tel Naga tower.
  • Enter Tel Naga tower and reach Tel Naga Upper Tower.
  • Enagaer is located behind the norther "Golden Door."
  • Enter the room, shut the door, then kill him.
  • Return to Hrundi


After returning to Wolverine Hall, speak with Hrundi to report the success of rescuing Sondaale. Hrundi now has a bounty contract on Engaer, a mercenary for Master Neloth at Tel Naga. Hrundi advises that a client wants Engaer dead and that it is important to avoid any other guards to avoid trouble with House Telvanni. He is willing to split the bounty for killing Engaer.

Tel Naga is the large tower in the center of Sadrith Mora, directly north of Wolverine Hall. The only way to reach the Upper Tower is via the use of a levitate spell. The easiest way to reach Engaer is by levitating up the outside of the tower to the roof where there is a door leading to "Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Upper Tower." Immediately upon entering this door, there is a "Golden Door" to the north and south. The Golden Door is locked, level 20, and trapped. Enter the door to the north to find Engaer in his room.

Engaer is not immediately hostile and will not attack. At this point, there are two options: attack him unprovoked or taunt him to make him attack first. After killing Engaer, exit the tower and return to Hrundi.

Speak with Hrundi and he will ask about Engaer and provide the reward for fulfilling the contract.


  • 1000 GoldIcon


Engaer's Bounty – FG_EngaerBounty
IDJournal Entry
10Hrundi told me he has a bounty contract on Engaer, a mercenary for Master Neloth at Tel Naga, the tower in Sadrith Mora.
  • Quest accepted
100Hrundi paid me the bounty on Engaer.
  • Quest completed

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