"You, who are to be my judge, what would you ask of me?"
―Engar Ice-Mane[src]

Engar Ice-Mane is a Nord warrior who resides in Skaal Village.

He has accused of stealing furs from his neighbor. During the quest "The Skaal Test of Wisdom," asks the Nerevarine to help him clear his name.



The Skaal Test of WisdomEdit

"You, who are to be my judge, what would you ask of me?"

Engar Ice-Mane "I am Engar Ice-Mane, warrior of the Skaal."
Rigmor Halfhand "I had no quarrel with Halfhand until this day. I thought him a friend to my family, to my wife, Risi Ice-Mane, especially. While I was on the hunt, he was known to keep counsel with her and others who remained in the village. And now this from him!"
Risi Ice-Mane "She is my wife and beautiful woman. Her life is not an easy one, as I am often gone for weeks on a hunt, but she is strong, and our children will be fine warriors."
investigate a crime "I know what I am accused of, and I know that it is a lie! I have no need for the furs of Rigmor Halfhand. I am a Skaal warrior. My honor and the honor of the Skaal are my life. But I will bear this injustice as any warrior should--with dignity."

(After choosing a verdict)
"You have cleared my name and restored my honor. What can I do for you, my friend?"

Rigmor Halfhand "There is no Rigmor Halfhand. He is dead to the Skaal."
Risi Ice-Mane "She has made mistakes, but she is a good woman. I will need to pay more attention to her, lest she stray again. I do not blame her for this, though. I blame this situation on Halfhand."



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