"Have you come to revel in the glory that is the Shrine of Sanguine?"

Engorm is a Bosmer alchemist who worships the Daedric Prince Sanguine. Engorm has devoted his life to Sanguine and can be found at the Shrine of Sanguine.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Sanguine[edit | edit source]

Engorm will inform the Hero how to approach the shrine and summon Sanguine. He or she must be at level eight and have a bottle of Cyrodilic Brandy to offer.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Sanguine[edit | edit source]

"Have you come to revel in the glory that is the Shrine of Sanguine?"

Shrine of Sanguine "It is a place of celebration for us. We dance, we make love. Would you speak with Sanguine?"
I will speak to Sanguine. "Approach then, and bring Sanguine a gift. Some Cyrodilic Brandy is an appropriate gift for your host."
I will not speak to Sanguine. "Of course you won't. Go on about your dreary existence. The Lord Sanguine has no interest in one such as yourself."

(If approached again)
"You have been told how to summon Sanguine. If you feel worthy, proceed."
(After leaving an offering)
"Sanguine has set you to a task. Do what you must, so we may drink to your success."
(After obtaining Sanguine's Rose)
"Sanguine is pleased. It is reason to celebrate."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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