"Enilroth, Morvayn's apprentice."

Enilroth is a Bosmer who works as the apprentice of Varel Morvayn of Morvayn's Peacemakers. He remains an essential character (meaning that he is unkillable) until the Dark Brotherhood quest "Following a Lead" has been completed.


Following a LeadEdit

When confronted about leaving the intercepted Dead Drop Orders, he states that someone living in the Anvil Lighthouse Basement paid him to deliver the letter. Upon being threatened, he will also say that he smelled something foul emanating from there, as if something had died. When Enilroth is allowed to leave, he may try to walk off with the reward from the last quest. He can also be killed at that point without anyone noticing as he walks behind the lake, allowing the gold to be reclaimed.


Enilroth's inventory includes the following:


Anvil "Varel Morvay's [sic] [Do not change this to Morvayn's. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] been a good master. I like the town and the people. No reason why I wouldn't want to be here for many years... just like the master."

Following a LeadEdit

"No! No, please don't hurt me! He paid me to do it!"
"I'm... I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do anything wrong! It was the robed man! He... he paid me to put those things in the barrel! I don't know his name, and his face was in shadow. He called to me yesterday as I walked by the lighthouse. I think he lives there! Or he did, anyway. He told me he was leaving Anvil. I'm sorry, but that's all I know!"

Tell me about this lighthouse. "It's just outside the city walls. I think the robed man has lived there for quite some time. In... in the cellar."
Liar! Tell me everything, or die! "No, please! The lighthouse! Just outside the city walls! I think the robed man lives there! In... in the cellar!"
[Say nothing.] "The lighthouse is... is just outside the city walls. I think the robed man has lived there for quite some time. In... in the cellar."
"I don't know what goes on down there, but there's a horrible smell coming from underneath that door. It's like... something died inside! Listen, that's all I know, really! Maybe Ulfgar Fog-Eye can tell you more. He's the lighthouse keeper, and probably rented out the cellar. Talk... talk to Ulfgar. He's sure to have the key to the cellar. You know, if... if you want to get down there! Now please, just let me go!"

"Just... just leave me alone, all right? I don't want no trouble!"
(If approached again)
"I hope you're not too angry with me. I... I never meant to do anything wrong, honest!"


  • When asked about Anvil, instead of reading Varel Morvayn, it reads Varel Morvay.


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