Ensuring Security is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I have arrived in the city of Vulkhel Guard, gateway to Auridon. Security is tight as Queen Ayrenn, the new leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, prepares to make a public appearance.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Watch Captain Astanya
  2. Talk to Steward Eminwe
  3. Examine the Supplies For Tampering
  4. Talk to Advisor Norion
  5. Find the Deployment Plans
  6. Talk to Advisor Norion
  7. Talk to Watch Captain Astanya
  8. Talk to Watchman Heldil
  9. Talk to the suspect at the door
  10. Talk to the suspect
  11. Witness confrontation.
  12. Talk to Watchman Heldil


The guard is overwhelmed preparing for Queen Ayrenn's arrival. The Vestige can offer to help Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe.

Eminwe is in a warehouse to the right. She asks them to check the other warehouses for poisoned food since two cooks fell ill this week. Inside the warehouse on the left is a crate containing poisoned meat. The Vestige brings it to Eminwe, who believes it was just a test. She tells them to give it to Astanya; however, Astanya won't talk to them until everyone has been helped.

Norion is to the left of Astanya. He says a burglar snuck into the warehouse to steal marine deployment plans for the queen's speech. The Vestige enters and sees an assassin kill the burglar. They collects the plans and returns to Norion, who is unconcerned. He directs them to Astanya.

Astanya tells them of a wanted Altmer, Fasion, in the city. He has taken over a house and threatens to kill anyone who approaches. She asks the Vestige to negotiate with him.

Fasion knows that the Vestige is just a distraction, but he lets them in anyway. He claims that Astanya is the dangerous one, not him. He says she is part of the Veiled Heritance and begs them to tell the queen. The guards enter and take care of Fasion. Watchman Heldil congratulates them and gives them their reward.


  • 91–377 GoldIcon
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