Entropy is an active skill in the Mages Guild skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.



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  • Update 7: Several abilities which have damage, damage shield, or healing components that scale off each other will no longer be hit multiple times by Battle Spirit's reductions. This includes the following abilities: [1]

Structured EntropyEdit

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  • U1:(and morphs): Significantly decreased the cost and increased the damage for this ability and its morphs.[2]
  • Update 3: Updated the tooltip for this ability to more accurately display the amount of health restored.[3]
  • Update 4: As of Update 4, this ability no longer removes the Nightblade active skill, Shadow Cloak [4]
  • Update 5: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't displaying its projectile on every tick when returning health to the caster.[5]
  • Update 6: Entropy now grants you the Major Sorcery buff for 20 seconds when cast.[6]
  • Update 6: Increased the damage over time component of this ability by 20%.[6]
  • Update 8: Updated this ability's tooltip to state the duration of the Major Sorcery bonus.[7]



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