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Episode 3: The Ruined City is the third episode in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is added with Return to Clockwork City expansion. The events take place at the Outer Brass Fortress.

Episode 3 IntroEdit

Laaneth: "It's said Sotha Sil, the god of this place, died centuries ago. But the machines he built may still be active. Stay alert."


The Ventral TerminusEdit

Laaneth: "Watch your step. There could be traps in the area."

Reward: three Assembled Sentry, Reflective Automaton

Laaneth: "That was close. Come on. If the rest of this place is this dangerous, there's no telling what danger Swims may be in."

The Halls of RegulationEdit

Kellen: "Much of the once-great city lay empty and eerily silent. But within the Halls of Regulation, they heard the sinister sound of gears whirring to life."

Reward: three Assembled Conduit, three Assembled Sanitizer

Laaneth: "Remarkable! Those creatures were putting themselves together. IF all the machines can do that, there's no telling what we'll find here."

Brass Fortress Market SquareEdit

Laaneth: "Is that... by Azura, it is! After all these centuries... There are still people down there! They must be the last of Sotha Sil worshippers. Careful, I think they see us."
Galyn: "Look, there - More outlanders! To arms, friends! Defend the city!"

Reward: three Clockwork Apostle

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