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Episode 6: Revelations is the second episode of the Bravil map in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is added with The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion.



Alisanne: "When I was a young woman, my father murdered my mother. I ran and joined the brotherhood, swearing that someday, I would use the assassin's art to end him. His name is Uther Nere, and now, I know he's in Bravil. At long last, the Night Mother has given me permission to end his life. I need you to find him. But don't kill him - lure him to me. His life is mine."

Silverhome on the Water, Uther's SuiteEdit

Uther: "Ah, my wayward agent. You might have told me the Listener was in Bravil. My torturer is most suspicious of you. You say you can lead me to the Listener? Good. I will come and ensure you finish the job."

Nightmother's CryptEdit

Uther: "At last... the Night Mother's Crypt. Men, burn it to the ground! And you, my agent - kill the Listener!"
Alisanne: "What? But I thought..."
Uther: "You thought you had a loyal assassin, the most skilled you'd ever seen? No, my dear. Your trusted lieutenant has been my agent from the beginning! Now, my friend, fulfill your contract - Kill the Listener!"

  • If the player chooses to kill the Listener:

Garnag: "If you want to kill Alisanne, you'll have to get through me!"
Andronica: "Garnag, you're hurt. Get out of here... I'll finish the traitor."
Alisanne: "I trusted you! But here you are - a lap dog for my murderous father. Fine then. Die like the dog you are!"

  • If the player chooses to protect the Listener:

Alisanne: "Garnag, you're hurt! Get the Night Mother to safety! We will hold these mercenaries off!"
Garnag: "It will be done!"
Alisanne: "Father! For long years I have awaited this!"
Uther: "As have I. I knew while you lived, I would never be safe. Come, let us end this once and for all!"
Uther: "Goodbye, daughter! And now, my traitorous agent, it is down to you and me. You will die for betraying me!"
Kellen: "Uther Nere had succeeded in killing his daughter. But the agent had ensured that he paid for his vile crimes with his life. Thanks to the agent, Garnag was able to escape with the Night Mother, ensuring that the Brotherhood would live on."
Nagh: "Nagh is not sure if this is a tale of victory or defeat."
Kellen: "As I said, my friend. Some tales have no heroes. Only people in the darkness searching for a glimmer of light."



Opponent deckEdit

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