Not to be confused with Erandur.

Erandur-Vangaril is a lich found in Lost Boy Cavern, whose history is revealed in the quest (which does not appear in the Journal), the "Lich of Lost Boy Cavern."

History[edit | edit source]

Erandur-Vangaril was, at one point, two separate people (or, mages to be precise), both expelled from the Mages Guild due to widespread accusations of necromancy. Erandur was a necromancer, while his lifelong friend, Vangaril, however, was quite innocent. Devoting himself to guiding his friend away from the Dark Arts, Vangaril ultimately failed when Erandur transformed himself into a lich. Setting out to slay the lich and save his friend's soul, Vangaril journeyed to Lost Boy Cavern, where Erandur had taken up abode.[1]

Vangaril succeeded in slaying the lich's physical form, yet failed in properly banishing it. Believing he had completed his goal, Vangaril stayed in the cave to study the tombs left behind, in the hopes that he could better prepare himself to face any other lich he encountered.[2] Ultimately, he became corrupted by his friend's power, thus becoming a lich himself, taking both his friend's name and his own.

This lich, having absorbed both Erandur and Vangaril, is known as Erandur-Vangaril henceforward. He soon declared war with the mages guild and sent them several letters, becoming increasingly dark in his intentions and loyalties to Mannimarco.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Lich of Lost Boy Cavern[edit | edit source]


Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • Erandur-Vangaril cannot be interacted with before the Hero reaches level twenty-three. If entering the cave before that time, Erandur-Vangaril will not interact with them nor can he be attacked.

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