Not to be confused with Bujold the Unworthy.
"Keep your distance friend, if you want to keep your head."
―Erich the Unworthy[src]

Erich the Unworthy is a Nord hunter residing in Thirsk.


Erich is known to have defended Thirsk countless times from attackers. While a great warrior, he has made many enemies in the members of the mead hall, who often call him a "swine" or the "meanest there is."

When the priest of the Imperial Cult Mirisa came to teach the warriors of Thirsk about the divines, she had insulted mead, calling it an evil sin. In his anger Erich took Mirisa captive and locked her in his chambers for at least a month. While Skjoldr Wolf-Runner knew he had done something to Mirisa and the other members of Thirsk suspected him, he kept quiet and didn't tell anyone.

He has a short temper and is disliked by many. This is the best way to get the key to his room, as pickpocketing and killing him in self-defense will yield it from his corpse and can be used on the lock on his door, which is at level 50. When in combat with the Nerevarine none of the Thirsk members will come to assist him due to their hatred of him. Additionally, the key can also be pickpocketed, but this can prove to be difficult.


The Missing MissionaryEdit

Erich took Mirisa captive and locked her up in his chambers for insulting mead. All members of Thirsk will tell the Nerevarine to ask Erich about what happened to Mirisa, but he will pretend he knows nothing. He carries the key to the room which Mirisa is locked in.

The Mead Hall MassacreEdit

After the attack, Erich will be killed by the Udyrfrykte.


The Missing MissionaryEdit

"What do you want, twig?"

If approached again:

"You again. What do you want?"

Mirisa never returned "Well, isn't that sad. Boo hoo. I don't know nothin'."
Mirisa never returned (At a sufficient dispostion) "Ha! You want to know a secret? I have the little tramp locked upstairs in my room! That's right. She came here preaching about how mead is evil. Made me right furious, it did. So I took her. I smack her around every now and then, throw mead on her, that sort of thing! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Erich the Unworthy "Who you callin' "unworthy," twig?"

While escaping with Mirisa:

"Maybe where you're from it's all right to enter someone's chambers and play with their things, but it's not all right around here! The missionary is MINE, understand? I knew you were trouble when I first laid eyes on ya! Now I'm going to have to teach you some manners!"



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