Not to be confused with Erik.
"I offer the finest ingredients and additives for creating potions and elixirs of all kinds. You'll pay a bit more, but you'll get quality from me!"
―Erik Snowmead[src]

Erik Snowmead is a Nord alchemist. He sells his wares at his apothecary, The Fragrant Fungus, on the Artisans' Row in Davon's Watch.


"You need something?"

How does alchemy work exactly? "Alchemy is the art of creating potions. We scour the fields and caves of Tamriel in search of reagents like mushrooms, flowers, and the like. Mixing these ingredients with a water solvent in the correct quantities can create powerful elixirs."
Plants and water? That's it? "Well, not just any water will do. You'll find that some pools of water contain special qualities that make them ideal for potion-making. The grade of the water determines the potency of the product."
Does it matter what reagents I use? "All reagents have hidden properties. When they are combined with other ingredients that bestow the same benefits, the potency is compounded. This reaction determines the nature of the potion. It's just a matter of experimentation, you see?"



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