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Eriku's House is a large home in Solitude owned by Erikur.


Erikur's House is a lavish manor located adjacent to the Blue Palace. Erikur lives here with his sister, Gisli, and his housecarl, Melaran.

The lower level hosts quite a large collection of empty barrels of Honningbrew Mead and various generic kegs and alcohol. The middle level has a bedroom, an Arcane Enchanter surrounded by many alchemical ingredients and potions, the kitchen with only fish products on the table, and a door leading to a balcony. The top level only consists of a balcony that encompasses the entire building, and the master bedroom with a chest.

All three doors to his house bear the "Protected" Shadowmark symbol. There is also a Thief Cache outside next to many stacked barrels.

Notable items[]

  • Many various alchemical ingredients, despite not having an Alchemy Lab.
  • Solutions of Strength and Potions of Strength, in addition to other useful potions.
  • Every decorative pot contains Tundra Cotton.
  • Thief Cache barrel next to the front door facing the street.


  • Melaran may be seen sleeping in the master bedroom and Erikur will sleep in the smaller one, or they may be sleeping together in the master bedroom. Erikur can also be seen sleeping together with Gisli in the master bedroom.
  • Erikur and Gisli leave around 8:00am, while Melaran will remain inside until 12:00pm.
  • The multiple doors will have different lock levels than each other.


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  •  360   Erikur's house will be unlocked when he leaves in the morning to go to the Blue Palace, and remains unlocked even when no one is inside, unlike other NPC houses. In addition, many lower value items in his house (50 gold and under) are free to be taken as if the player is considered his friend, even if he is never interacted with.