"You! You're... No, you're not one of them. Still, you've no business being here. And if you see them, tell them Erver is ready and waiting."
―Erver Devani[src]

Erver Devani quote

Erver Devani is a Dunmer barbarian who resides in the village of Deepwallow on the Dementia side of Shivering Isles.


Erver lives isolated and away from everybody else; he spends all of his time cooped up in his house. When he first meets the Hero, he shows his paranoia and asks the Hero to leave before "They" show up.


Ghosts of the Hill of SuicidesEdit

His sister Gadeneri Ralvel killed herself and is now cursed with her spirit trapped on the Hill of Suicides. Erver will reward the Hero with a sum of GoldIcon if they return her remains to the hill and free her.


  • Erver is the only person in the Isles who provides information about the hill and its curse.
  • While extremely fearful of "them," it is never revealed who they are.


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