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Escourt Itermerel is a Mages Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Ranis Athrys offers his notes in exchange for having a male Altmer Itermerel escorted to Pelagiad.


  1. Ask Ranis Athrys for duties.
  2. Go to the Eight Plates Inn at Balmora.
  3. Find Itermerel and obtain his notes by either:
    • Escorting him to the Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern and get them as a reward.
    • Steal his notes.
    • Kill him and take them from Itermerel's body.
  4. Head back to Ranis.


After reaching the rank of Journeyman and completing Unsanctioned Training, if the player speaks to Ranis Athris for duties, she will tell the player that the altmer Itermerel is seeking an escort to Pelagiad. What Ranis really wants, however, are Itermerel's notes.

Itermerel is found in the Eight Plates inn. Talk to him, and he will ask you to escort him to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. Upon arriving there, he will reward the player with his notes. However, if he dies on the way there, all is not lost. The player can simply retrieve his notes from his corpse.

Alternatively, they player may pickpocket his notes from him, or kill him on the way and take the notes from his corpse.

Upon retrieving the notes, return to Ranis Athris to finish the quest



Escort Itermerel – MG_EscortScholar2
IDJournal Entry
10Ranis Athrys asked me to escort the scholar Itermerel, who is staying at the Eight Plates, to Pelagiad. What Ranis really wants, however, is a copy of Itermerel's notes.
  • Quest accepted
50I asked Itermerel to follow me to Pelagiad.
70Itermerel arrived safely in Pelagiad.
80Itermerel gave me a copy of his notes.
100I delivered Itermerel's notes to Ranis.
  • Quest completed


  • Having spared Tashpi Ashibael in the previous quest, sparing Itermerel will allow for an alternate conclusion of the "Catch a Spy" quest, in which Ranis can be denounced as the Telvanni spy.
  • Lying to Ranis about the Notes drops his disposition by 5.

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