Esroniet is an island-nation located in between the continents of Tamriel and Akavir. The major settlement in the land is Black Harbor, a port city under the reign of Prince Bashomon.

History[edit | edit source]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

During the reign of Uriel Septim V, the Empire had begun to expand their territory beyond Tamriel, and into the eastern realms of Akavir. Amidst the wake of the Imperial Navy, Esroniet was targeted by Uriel V, and so the war over Esroniet had begun. In 3E 282, Uriel V had captured the city-state of Black Harbor, though resistance from Bashomon's forces persisted. In the end, Prince Bashomon had surrendered the island of Esroniet to the Septim Armada in 3E 284. Esroniet was now an Imperial Province of the Third Empire. Eventually, the Septim Armada had landed on the shores of the Tsaesci, where they suffered a grueling defeat. It is unknown what happened to Esroniet after the fall of the Armada.[1]

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