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Et'Ada, also called the "Original Spirits," are the forces perceived and revered by the mortals as gods or spirits. To humans, these et'Ada are the Gods and Demons. To the Aldmer, the Aedra (Aldmeri translation is "our ancestors") and Daedra (Aldmeri translation is "not our ancestors").[1] The Aedra and Daedra came to be once Lorkhan convinced/tricked the Original Spirits (et'Ada) to create Mundus.[2] The Daedra are the et'Ada who did not take part in the creation of Mundus to retain their power. The Aedra are the et'Ada who remained during the creation of Mundus, thus giving away a significant amount of their power.


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The origins of the et'Ada are subject of many, often conflicting, creation myths. But in most cases, there are many similarities. It is also important to take note that history in itself is mostly written on the grounds of pious opinions. Whereas one may define their past as heroic and divine, another may portray a much darker, sinister image.

Most myths start with one force; Anu. Out of it, or out of the nothing came another force; Padomay/Sithis.[2][3] Some myths start with both and call them twins.[4] [5] Their interplay created the Aurbis and many other spirits, the Original Spirits. Some sources suggest that the Aurbis is the deity that enabled the et'Ada to form.[2][3][6] The Original Spirits had no identity and it was hard for them to create one. Then came Akatosh/Auri-El, and with him came time. With time, the Original Spirits began to understand their natures and limitations.[Note 1]

One of the Original Spirits was Shezarr/Lorkhan. He either tricked or convinced other spirits to help him create a new plane of existence; Mundus. Those spirits lost their youth and strength, and became the Aedra.[2]


According to the book Sithis, Anu is not a deity of any kind, but is rather a static force without consciousness, personality, intent or will, being immutable static light. Something cannot be created without changing the creator, and Anu is static, and does not change.[7]

It is Sithis, according to this book, that created all things. Sithis sundered the Eternal Anu to create new ideas. Unfortunately, some of these ideas became manifest and desired to be as eternal as Anu.[7]

This created Aetherius and the Aedra. Sithis then created Lorkhan to destroy these false creations.


  • The et'Ada are the Original Spirits that participated in the creation of Mundus - which are all Aedra - and the Daedra that mock those Aedra and use passionate and ambitious mortals for their entertainment.


  1. The Redguard creation myth does not mention time, Ruptga just helped out the other spirits in finding their way.