Ethys Savil is a Dunmer nightblade who resides in the Black Shalk Cornerclub, in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks of Vivec. He is a member of House Hlaalu.


Vivec InformantsEdit

Ethys Savil, Favel Gobor and Urven Davor are troubling Huleeya and refuse to let him move from his spot. The Nerevarine must deal with them before Huleeya is able to talk about what he knows.









"I'm not interested, fetcher."
(If the Nerevarine has started "Vivec Informants") "Am I talking to you, fetcher? No. I am talking to the filthy lizard. So push off."
(If the Nerevarine talks to him multiple times during "Vivec Informants") "Go ahead. Keep talking. And I'm gonna pop your head off, and feed it to the filthy lizard."
(If his disposition is at least 60) "Hey, look. It's none of my business. Folks want to talk to a filthy lizard, it's their problem, not mine. Got out of here. And good riddance."
(After he stops bothering Huleeya) "Fine, he wants a filthy lizard in here, I don't care. We'll leave him alone."
"Oh, go away, will you."

filthy lizard:
"What, are you some kind of filthy lizard lover? You wanta give your little friend a big kiss?"
(If his disposition is at least 60) "Blah, blah, blah. He can stay here forever, for all I care. Not my problem."
(After he stops bothering Huleeya) "They're stupid, they stink, whattya expect? Nobody likes 'em. But there're not worth worrying about."


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