Eton Nir is the largest mountain in the province of the Summerset Isles,[1] and subsequently in the southwestern world of Tamriel. Eton Nir takes up a large majority of the Isle of Summerset, stretching towards the northwest and northeast coasts as well as the central plains.

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Eton Nir takes up a majority of Northern Summerset Isle, and it is largely inaccessible. There are several paths running through Eton Nir that connects to each side of the island, such notable caverns are King's Haven Pass, and Karnwasten, with the latter being infamous as a pirate's hideaway. In northwestern Eton Nir, there is a gate that is controlled by the Sapiarchs, which was used as an entryway to the Crystal Tower, which is deep in Eton Nir, which is on the highest peak of the mountain. It is the only known settlement situated on Eton Nir, other than Cloudrest.[2]





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