"I'm not so sure about that Eugal Belette. An odd fellow, and people have said there are strange noises coming from his house at all times."
Chorrol town gossip

Eugal Belette is a Mythic Dawn operative in Chorrol.


Eugal moved to town recently and when talked to, he says he knows nobody in town. He spends little time interacting with others and many of them wonder who he really is.

Eugal lives alone in his house most of the time, during the fourth through the sixth of each month he is visited by Ulen Athram who visits from the Imperial City.

While his home appears to have little to rouse suspicion, his basement holds clues about whom he is. Behind a locked door is a room with weapons and alchemy tools. Inside there is a Mythic Dawn Robe and copies of "Mysticism: The Unfathomable Voyage" and "Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2."


"My name is Eagal Belette. I'm pretty new here -- don't know a soul."

Chorrol "I'm sorry. I'm new in town, and don't know anyone."


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