Evangeline Beanique is a Warlock of the Mages Guild and High Chancellor Ocato's personal guard. The Hero can only find Evangeline in the Imperial Battlemage's chambers in White-Gold Tower during "The Ultimate Heist" Thieves Guild quest.


She wears upper-class attire including a red velvet blouse and garment with a pair of white mage's shoes. She has a random amount of gold on her person, two leveled potions, two leveled scrolls, a leveled staff and a blunt weapon. She also can cast a decent amount of leveled spells from all schools besides Illusion.


  • Since she is in the Mages Guild, killing her will result in suspension if the Hero is in it as well.
  • She is supposed to go to bed between midnight and 6am but she lacks the ownership of any bed in the room which prevents her from sleeping and thus stays awake all night long providing an extra challenge for any want-to-be thief.


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