Crow's Wood

Evergloam is the mysterious realm of Nocturnal, and seems to have some connection with the "luck" that thieves seem to enjoy. The Evergloam is dark and foggy, containing gloomy and dangerous creatures.


Shade PerilousEdit

The Shade Perilous is an area in the Evergloam and serves as Nocturnal's fortress.

Crow's WoodEdit

Crow's Wood is another area in the Evergloam. It is primarily marshy and contains a faction of intelligent talking crows known as the Blackfeather Court. Other notable residents include the Crow Mother.

The Shadow CleftEdit

The Shadow Cleft is another part of the Evergloam, populated by Gloam wolves, Night Terrors, Gloam Hags, and Gargoyles. The area has several ruins scattered among a forest. There is also a large pumpkin patch. This part of the Evergloam is run by Night Sister Kamira.

Exarchs' EgressEdit

Exarch's Egress is a small part of the Evergloam. It is the ruins of an old Imperial fort that appears to have been reclaimed by nature. It is where the Wraith-of-Crows resides. This area may be connected to the Exarchs of Dross, the Blackfeather Court's rival faction of crows.



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