Evidence of Corruption is a House Redoran quest potentially undertaken by the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Garisa Llethri asked me to bring him evidence of corruption in Caldera.



Having solved the issue of The Mad Lord of Milk, the Nerevarine is now able to complete a variety of quests for other House Redoran Council members. One such council member, Garisa Llethri, has reason to believe that House Hlaalu have been corrupt in their actions at Caldera Mine. As the Mine is of House Redoran's interest, the Nerevarine is tasked with finding this evidence.

Corruption at Caldera Mine

The Nerevarine must first travel to the Mine, to the south of Ald'ruhn (and slightly southwest of Caldera). Once there the Nerevarine may speak to the slaves in and around the Mine. One such slave, Dahleena (the de facto leader of the slaves at the Caldera Mine), will tell the Nerevarine that a Secret Ledger exists in the Governor's Hall in Caldera. 

The Secret Caldera Ledger can be found in the room of Odral Helvi on the second floor of the Governor's Hall in Caldera (use north stairs). The chest can be opened with Helvi's key or with an open spell. Either method is fine, although the Nerevarine must not be spotted opening the chest or Helvi and the guards will attack. Having taken the Secret Caldera Ledger the Nerevarine must give it to Llethri in Ald'ruhn whom will devise a plan to turn the corruption on Hlaalu.


Evidence of Corruption – HR_CalderaCorrupt
ID Journal Entry
10 Garisa Llethri asked me to bring him evidence of corruption in Caldera.
  • Quest accepted
30 Cunius Pelelius gave me key to Odral Helvi's chest on the second floor of the Governor's Hall. The real record book is in this chest.
70 Dahleena told me that Odral Helvi keeps a record book in his chest at the Governor's Hall.
100 I brought the real Caldera record book to Garisa Llethri in Ald'ruhn.
  • Quest completed


  • If the Nerevarine frees Dehleena and the other slaves prior to or during this quest, the following quest, Shut the Mines Down, will be incompletable.
  • fake ledger can be found in the Mine.
  • The Nerevarine may speak to an Imperial agentCunius Pelelius, whom will give the Nerevarine a key to the chest (provided his disposition towards the Nerevarine is high).

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