The Exhausted Mine is located northeast of the Imperial City, northwest of Cheydinhal, and southeast of Harm's Folly.


A former mine, abandoned long ago, that has become a goblin lair. It consists of three levels, Exhausted Mine, Exhausted Mine Spent Works and Exhausted Mine Bottom Section. On the third level there is a goblin boss. He holds an amulet which is part of the quest "Revenge Served Cold."

There is also a lot of GoldIcon that can be found in chests. Some are locked, so bring lockpicks. Some leveled armor can also be found in some of the chests not including the weapons and shields from the fallen goblins. There are a few silver veins located in two of the sublocations.


  • Exhausted Mine
  • Exhausted Mine Spent Works
  • Exhausted Mine Bottom Section


Revenge Served ColdEdit

A goblin boss killed Corrick's wife Kayleen and stole the amulet Corrick gave to her. Help him to get it back from the goblin that stole it. Speaking to Corrick is one way to activate the quest. Finding the amulet while exploring the cave also activates the quest.


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