"House hunting? Pay no attention to the rumors: this witches hut on the edge of Hag Fen in Glenumbra is guaranteed NOT to be haunted by the dead, the undead, or restless spirits of any kind. It does come with tumbledown walls to keep the crocodiles and wolves out. Spooky, yet cozy!"
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

Exorcised Coven Cottage is a discontinued player home in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a medium sized primal style house located southeast of Hag Fen in Glenumbra.


The Exorcised Coven Cottage was available for 250,000 GoldIcon after completing the quest "A Friend In Need" and gaining the An Unsparing Harvest achievement. Alternatively, it was available for a limited time through the Crown Store, allowing players to acquire it without having to meet the aforementioned prerequisites. It was only available during the Witches' Festival event.


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