Ancano, using magic to harness the power of the Eye.

"As you may have learned, this object... The Eye... is immensely powerful. This world is not ready for it."
For the quest, see The Eye of Magnus (Quest).

The Eye of Magnus is an ancient magical artifact first discovered by Atmoran settlers during the late Merethic Era, when the first group led by Ysgramor came to Skyrim and built the city of Saarthal.

Later, the Dragonborn and Tolfdir of the College of Winterhold found the ancient magical relic in the ruins of the ancient Nordic city of Saarthal during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



Quaranir visiting the Dragonborn.

Upon entering the room that the Eye is housed in, the Dragonborn and Tolfdir discover that the massive orb is guarded by a draugr named Jyrik Gauldurson, one of the sons of the ancient arch-mage Gauldur. When an attempt is made to damage Jyrik, Tolfdir states that the Eye is allowing for Gauldurson to become invulnerable to damage, and thus begins to cast lightning spells at the Eye, subsequently allowing for the Dragonborn to damage and kill Jyrik.

After destroying the creature, Tolfdir sends the Dragonborn on an errand to research the Eye of Magnus (Hitting the Books). Finding the research material in Fellglow Keep, the Dragonborn reads more about the object in Night of Tears.

Afterward, Quaranir, a member of the Psijic Order, visits the Dragonborn, telling them the object is dangerous and to seek out the Augur of Dunlain. This then leads to the search for the Staff of Magnus.

Ancano's betrayal

After returning to the College, the Dragonborn learns that Ancano has tapped into the power of the Eye and gained tremendous power. The Dragonborn then has to travel to Labyrinthian to locate the Staff of Magnus. They must then use the Staff to break through a magical barrier and use it to absorb the power of the Eye and so defeat Ancano. After Ancano is defeated, Quaranir and two other Psijic monks appear. Quaaranir says that the world isn't ready for the Eye's unlimited power and that the Psijic Order will guard it. He and the two other Psijic monks then teleport the Eye away.


Tolfdir can be heard questioning the runic markings on the artifact. "It's not Dwemer...not Falmer...not Ayleid...certainly not Daedric..."

Another possible origin that Tolfdir did not mention include the possibility of the Eye being Aedric in origin. The Aedric god, known as Magnus, created the Staff of Magnus, but it is currently unknown whether or not he actually created the Eye of Magnus.



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