"Faida's the name. I keep the inn."


Faida is a Nord innkeeper, merchant, and the owner of the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge. She teaches the hostelry trade to Julienne Lylvieve.


A False Front (Stormcloaks)Edit

Faida is one of two inkeepers that can be spoken to during this quest, the other being Mralki in Rorikstead.



A false frontEdit

Seen any Imperial couriers lately? "I tend to keep my patrons' privacy." (If the courier is in the inn: "He's in the inn. Look around. I'm sure you'll find him.")

His life is in danger. "It is? Well that's different. He was here, but he left. If you leave now, you can probably catch him. Or you can just wait here. He'll be back soon enough." (If the Dragonborn's Speech level is insufficient: "Yeah, sure it is. You don't fool me.")
Maybe some gold will help? "Well, if you insist. He was here... [...]" (If one does not have 520 GoldIcon: "Seems your purse is lighter than you thought.")
I don't have time for this. I can get rough with you if I have to. "Now, now! That won't be necessary. He was here... [...]"
Never mind. "Hmph."

Note: she will say, "He was here, but he left... [...]," as well as a unique response depending on the reply chosen by the Dragonborn, for any answer chosen. If asked, "Seen any Imperial couriers lately?" again after the information has been given, she will only repeat where he is.


  • "Faida's the name. I keep the inn."
  • "Something different, I can tell. Hope you ain't here to cause trouble."
  • "The meals I serve ain't what I call a Jarl's feast, but they'll fill your belly."
  • "Seen a lot of travelers lately, mostly soldier nowadays."
  • "You met the Lylvieves? Quiet family. But they're the heart of Dragon Bridge."
  • "Poor Horgeir. Everyone in town knows about his wife's affair but him. Probably better if he doesn't know."
  • "I think the dragons are here to test us and make sure we're still true Nords."



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