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Fake Soul Gem is the second available Mages Guild quest from Ajira in Balmora, being preceded by "Four Types of Mushrooms," and followed by "Four Types of Flowers." She asks the Nerevarine to plant the fake soul gem in the desk of her rival, Galbedir, while she is preoccupied.


  • Speak with Ajira about her bet with Galbedir.
  • Place a fake soul gem into Galbedir's work desk.
  • See Ajira to finish up.


Talk to Ajira once again about duties and she will say:

Yes, Ajira has more duties for _________. Ajira made a bet with Galbedir

Click on the link that says "bet with Galbedir" and she will say:

Ajira made a bet with Galbedir that Ajira would become Journeyman before Galbedir. Now Ajira must study these mushrooms and give a report. Ajira wants you to give Galbedir a fake soul gem

Then click on fake soul gem and she will state:

Ajira has made a fake soul gem. Take it and put it in Galbedir's Desk upstairs. Galbedir should be coming downstairs to talk with Marayn Dren, so no-one will see you do this thing.

Head up two floors to the top of the Mages Guild. The desk with all of the soul gems on top is Galbedir's Desk. Replace the soul gem in that desk with the one that you have been given and return to Ajira.


Fake Soul Gem – MG_Sabotage
IDJournal Entry
10Ajira gave me a fake soul gem. She wants me to sabotage Galbedir's Journeyman project. I should put the fake soul gem in Galbedir's desk.
  • Quest accepted
100Ajira thanked me for helping her sabotage Galbedir's experiment.
  • Quest completed


  • There are no rewards besides reputation gain and possible promotion.
  • Because of the absence of other characters, the Nerevarine can elect to take the filled soul gems on the desk, and sell them or use them for themselves. Selling stolen items back to Galbedir, however, will cause the guild to become hostile.

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