"Falicia. And it's been way too long. I think the guild has a prejudice against elves based on the fact that we live so long -- and have the potential of reaching heights no human wizard could ever dream for, unless he goes the rotting way, which so many do, but I guess I'm just being bitter. One day I'll make Archmage, and maybe none too soon considering there's an opening now."

Falicia is a Bosmer in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. She runs the shop at the Mages Guild.


Falicia is an apprentice mage. She studied with archmage Voa before his death and hopes to soon advance to an expert mage.

Falicia gives Cyrus information about Iszara and the soul gem, telling him how she brought it to the Mage's Guild hoping a high ranking member would know how to use it to restore Prince A'Tor. A Khajiit acolyte named Joto offered his assistance in her research, but was arrested by the governor's henchman Dram for treason. Just as she's relayed this information however, the Archmage Jaganvir overhears and, in attempt to make sure Cyrus never speaks of this matter for fear of having the Guild shut down, transforms him into a gremlin.

When he returns later, she'll offer him a health potion for his trouble.


Falicia sells the following for 25 gold each:



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