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"Sprawling across both banks of the river stood the mighty graht-oak city, with groves and orchards of lesser trees crowding it like supplicants before their king. At a lesser scale, the tree that formed the moving city would have been extraordinary: gnarled and twisted with a gorgeous crown of gold and green, dripping with vines and shining with sap."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Falinesti is a walking city of trees and the capital of the province of Valenwood.

It is the largest of Valenwood's graht-oaks, whose magic was invoked at the dawn of recorded history: the founding of the Camoran Dynasty by King Eplear. It is here where the Bosmer King rules over the province from the Camoran Throne.[1][2]

During the summer, Falinesti is on the far south end of Valenwood, migrating along the coastal region of the Cape. The city is north come Hearth Fire, and by winter, Falinesti can be found sprawling across both banks of the Xylo river in north-eastern Valenwood.[2][3][4]



Known also as Green-Sap, Falinesti is one of several constructs known as the towers, which were built by the Aldmer during the Merethic Era,[OOG 1] and whose existence ensures Mundus remains stabilized.[OOG 2] Its stone, which is said to be "a fruit",[OOG 3] serves as its heart and provides it with stability and power.[OOG 4]

Near the end of the First Era, Falinesti was granted independence as a treethane of the Camoran Dynasty by the Second Empire. The city rose from being a local trading post to a full-fledged power in its own right.[1] The Thalmor changed the capital of Valenwood from Falinesti to Elden Root for the duration of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Second Era.[1]

As of the late Third Era, Falinesti has rooted itself for the first time in recorded history.[1] This may be an indication of the tower's deactivation by removal of its stone.[OOG 4]

The Falinesti Incident was one of the most damaging operations carried out by the Blades before the Great War. One of the Blades loremasters, Esbern, was behind the operation which resulted in a fire in Falinesti.[5][6]


Groves and orchards of lesser trees crowd Falinesti like supplicants before their king. The tree that forms the moving city is gnarled and twisted with a gorgeous crown of gold and green, dripping with vines and shining with sap. It stands at a mile tall and half as wide, and considering its size, the city moves quickly.[3]

After crossing Falinesti's writhing root system, the ground at the base of the city is littered with leaves and refuse, and from moment to moment a glass or a bone may plummet from far above. An intricate network of platforms anchored to thick vines slip up and down the slick trunk of the city with perfect grace.[3] Bosmer climb about Falinesti's surface like termites, or carefully swing from level to level by means of thorny vines. Orsimer and hideous ape people known as Imga, or Great Apes, are also common in the city.[2]


Havel Slump is a district in Falinesti that can be reached two hundred feet in the air, at a crook between two mighty branches. Curled webs of moss stretch unevenly across the fork, forming a shared roof for several dozen small buildings. Everyone in Havel Slump has revelry on Morndas, where drinking, eating, and dancing takes place on an enormous platform tied to the tree, known as the Western Cross. Native Bosmer, clad in colorful leather and bones, can be found during revelry with a close minority of Orcs, as well as Imga, and even families of centaurs. Expert archers exterminate Hoarvors in the western cross in the mornings after revelry.[3]

A stout old Bosmer woman called Mother Pascost owned a tavern in Havel Slump during the Third Era. It is described as a sordid hole,[4] dank and wet with sap, and smelling of mildew.[3] A simple peasant dish called Kollopi is served here, named after the arboreal rodent from which it is made from. These mice live and feed exclusively on the most tender branches of Falinesti, and are gathered by colonies of Imga monkeys at the time of the annual harvest in Valenwood.[7]

The Camoran Throne is somewhere in the highest branches of Falinesti, as are numerous other natural dwellings,[2] such as Aysia Hall, an expensive inn also found in the top boughs of the city.[3]



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