Falkreath Hold is a hold in southern Skyrim, with its capital in Falkreath. It is initially affiliated with the Imperial Legion, but can be captured by the Stormcloaks after completing Rescue from Fort Neugrad. It can also change sides as part of negotiations during Season Unending.

It is the second southernmost hold in Skyrim, after the Rift. It borders to Cyrodiil in the south and Hammerfell in the west. Other than its capital, Falkreath, the other notable town in the hold is Helgen, the first settlement in Skyrim to be attacked by a dragon.

Falkreath Hold is covered in characteristic pine forests and described by its citizens as being covered in a fine mist that makes it seem seasonless. The mountains rising above Falkreath are well above the snow line striking a stark comparison to the rest of the hold. The most distinguishing geographic feature is Lake Ilinalta which covers a large portion of the central region and acts as the source for the White River.


Capital City

  • Falkreath








Nordic Ruins / Tombs


Dragon Lairs

Guardian Stones


General Landmarks

Homestead (HearthfireAdd-on)




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  •  PC   360   PS3   In some playthroughs, it may not be possible to acquire the Thane of Falkreath title and gain the associated ceremonial enchanted weapon of office, as certain quests which seem like they should count towards the three needed to "assist the people of Falkreath" do not trigger the quest flag. PC users can correct these types of bugs with console commands. Another method is to work the farm and sell the produce to the farm owner as this also counts towards the three (may also work by cutting and selling fire wood.)


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