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The Falkreath Jail is located inside the Falkreath Barracks. It serves as the prison for those who have committed crime inside the Falkreath Hold.


Inside the jail there is only one prisoner and one patrolling guard. Sinding is a Nord male who is locked up because he killed a little girl at the local Lumber Mill.

It is also possible to come across a Nord, a Redguard, or an Orc who will, if talked to, insult the Dragonborn. They then have the possibility to stand up for themselves or back down. If one choose to stand up for themselves, one will be given the opportunity to try to intimidate or persuade to leave you alone. Choosing the former will cause a fight (If a guard is present, they will help the Dragonborn).


Ill Met by MoonlightEdit

While in Falkreath, the Dragonborn may hear rumors of the savage murder of a little girl. No one seems quite sure how someone could commit such a horrible crime, but the culprit is currently locked away in the Falkreath jail if the Dragonborn wants to find out.



  • The chest that contains the Dragonborn's items (if arrested) is located immediately to the left when exiting the cell.
  • Sometimes, when entering the jail, a Thalmor soldier can be seen falling from the roof and dying.


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