Fallen Tree Bridge is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This massive fallen tree can be found crossing the gorge with the river rapids below, just south of Hillgrund's Tomb. Usually, two bandits are likely to be here: one sitting on the tree itself, and one near the stump. The Dragonborn should be wary of the limbs sticking out from the tree. There is a path leading to the bridge just outside and south of Hillgrund's Tomb, and on the other side of the valley.

Notable itemsEdit

On the north side of the log bridge is an adept-locked chest with random loot and an Illusion skill book called The Black Arts On Trial hidden behind the remains of the tree's stump.


  • One can also find a Flame Atronach here which was conjured by a necromancer.


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