Amiable Fanriene is a citizen of Bliss that has been "blessed" with paranoia; he cannot sleep in his own home for fear that the walls will close in and fall on him, ending his life. He seeks a safe place to sleep.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Hero will find Amiable Fanriene sneaking around the entrance to Bliss from the Realm of Sheogorath. Talk to him and discover he seeks a safe place to sleep. Suggest that he find a place outside, and he agrees.

Then they need to find Uungor and he can be found wandering around Bliss in shabby clothing. He complains of sleeping outside in the wilderness, saying he would do anything for a warm bed and a roof. Suggest to him that he switch with Fanriene, but he is wary and denies the offer. One can then use persuasion or bribe him until his disposition is at least 70.

Talk to him again and he gladly takes up the offer. Talk to Amiable, and he is overjoyed. He gives the reward to them, the scroll: Burst of Might, which he says he would have used if the walls fell on him. The spell gives Fortify Strength by 100 for 5 seconds, Fortify Endurance by 100 for 5 seconds, and Shield 100% for 5 seconds on Self.

Another way to gain Uungor's trust is to speak to Fimmion first. Fimmion is a beggar in Bliss who really loves sweetrolls. If the hero has already agreed to help Amiable Fanriene, then when speaking to Fimmion there will be an option to ask him for advice about sleeping outside. He will refuse to give advice unless the Hero gives him a sweetroll. Once he has the sweetroll, he will suggest that the Hero speak to Uungor; he will also give the Hero a bunch of glass grapes that Fimmion stole from Uungor. If the Hero returns the grapes, Uungor will trust him and accept the offer to trade sleeping places.

Journal entries[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Amiable Fanriene has asked me to find him some place to sleep outside. I should find someone who sleeps outside and ask for their help in finding a good place to sleep outside.

  • Update: Upon talking to Uungor:

Uungor doesn't trust me enough to agree to switch sleeping accommodations with Amiable Fanriene. I need to make him more disposed to the idea. Maybe one of the others knows something that will work.

  • Update: After convincing Uungor:

Uungor has agreed to switch beds with Amiable Fanriene. I should return to Amiable and tell him the good news.

  • Update: After talking to Amiable about the beds:

Amiable Fanriene is grateful that I have found him a safe place to sleep outside. He should be able to get some sleep now.

  • Quest complete

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