Not to be confused with Falura Llervu.
"Good fortune, sera. I trust you'll do the right thing."
―Falura Uveleth, before the decision[src]

Falura Uveleth is a Dunmer located in a camp outside of Zainsipilu, in Vvardenfell, and farmhand to Halinjirr.


A Hidden HarvestEdit


"So you've agreed to help Halinjirr destroy his crop? I'm not sure whether to be heartbroken or elated. Just be safe, all right? This task is more important than you know."

If I do this, Halinjirr's crops might never grow back. "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?"
You're not in league with these bandits, are you? "What? No! Don't be absurd. Just do as Halinjirr asked. Deal with those ruffians in the cavern. We'll speak more later."

"You made it. Good. We have a great deal to talk about in a short period of time."

Where is Halinjirr? In a clearing to the southeast, but that can wait. I trust you've seen what Halinjirr and I have been growing in there. Moon sugar. In its raw form, it's a crude narcotic. But if you refine it, it becomes something truly odious. Skooma."
If you hate skooma, why were you helping him grow moon sugar? I had to be sure he could do it. Moon sugar is temperamental. No one's been able to grow it here in Vvardenfell. Until Halinjirr. I need you to take the notes you found to Captain Bethes in Seyda Neen. Tell him everything. He'll handle the rest."
Why can't you tell him yourself? It's complicated. I was a member of House Redoran's Narcotics Oath-Bureau. I... I made some very serious mistakes. If I brought this tip to Captain Bethes, he would ignore me. But he has no reason to distrust you. Please, do this for me, sera."
How did you get kicked out of the Oath-Bureau? "I'd rather not discuss it. Suffice to say that the skooma trade offers many dark incentives - especially for undercover officers. It's easy to cross the line. Too easy. Hopefully this arrest and seizure will help me make amends."
What makes skooma so dangerous? "If you'd ever taken it, you'd know. Skooma is a powerful hallucinogen - addictive, deadly, and cheap. Lethal overdoses are routine in Morrowind. Once it's got its hooks on you, you'll do anything to get it. Steal, rape, kill... whatever."
And you think Halinjirr plans to manufacture this drug? "I don't know, but it doesn't matter. He's developed a method to grow vast quantities of moon sugar in Vvardenfell. That's a dangerous skill. Too dangerous. Can you imagine what would happen if the Camonna Tong crime family got a hold of his notes?"
I see your point. "Halinjirr's no Daedric Prince, but his work could be just as destructive. Please, just do the right thing."


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